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why sushi conveyor belt.

Origin of Kaiten Sushi Restaurant

The owner of sushi restaurants in Osaka where people are standing to eat brought the idea of “rotating dinning table” based on a hint from belt conveyor, which manufactures beer. This is the origin of Kaiten Sushi Conveyor Belt. At that time, Sushi was very expensive and people ate sushi only when special events were taken place. Therefore, people rarely could eat sushi. In order to serve sushi to many people at reasonable price, cutting off labor cost and having many customers at a good turnover were necessary. “Kaiten Sushi Restaurant” with conveyor belt system solved the problems.

After Kaiten Sushi was introduced at Osaka World Exhibition in 1970, it was known by manypeople internationally. Since Kaiten Sushi has entertainment as “Sushi is rotating on the lane” and allows people to eat as much as you can on your pace without ordering, the style caught people’s attentions and it became popular nationwide in late 1970’s.

The first country who paid attention to Kaiten Sushi was London. In 1990’s, people were interested in the idea of conveyor belt system which sushi went around on the belt. It enhanced the image of Japan as World-leading Technology country. In London, Kaiten Sushi restaurant opened in the platform of train station. This new style of business caught people’s attention. This is how Kaiten sushi was known among the people around the world. Kaiten sushi has been popular even in other nations, such as Russia, Middle East and China. Since people in Russia eat raw salmon and salmon roe, the number of Kaiten sushi restaurants increased in these past years.

Birth of Kaiten Sushi

Present Situation:

Today, more than 9,000 Japanese restaurants exist in the United States, and the number has been increasing every year. On the other hand, because of severe competition to acquire consumers, some of Japanese restaurants are forced to close down in a couple of months after their openings. In California, there are about 2,900 Japanese Restaurants; that is about 1/3 of Japanese Restaurants in the United States. As a result, many restaurants tend to raise their price or deteriorate their food quality to keep up their business. Sequentially, they will not have enough customers and end up with closing their businesses.

This matter is the same in other business. In order to survive in this competitive business world, you might want to look for the business that other business is not doing. That is Revolving Sushi Restaurant. There are only a few Revolving sushi Restaurants in the United States.

The reason that you will not often see Revolving Sushi Restaurants is because it is difficult to acquire a permit from Health Department although many owners want to open them. In this present condition, our company, AUTEC, have started providing full consulting service and complete back up service so that customers feel secure to start their new business.

what makes customers unhappy

Kaiten Sushi & Sushi Machine

Because of the difficulty to find and keep sushi chefs in many parts of the U.S., the number of people who use sushi machine has been increasing. Also by having sushi machine at Kaiten Sushi Restaurant, you will succeed in saving more labor cost. Some owners are anxious to make everything mechanize, but we are providing full consulting service based on customer’s needs. Please feel free to ask any question.

Tradition Meets Technology