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why sushi machine

Merit of having Sushi Machines:

  • Increase in productivity during busy operation hours: Using manpower takes so much time, and techniques. Having machine in your kitchen makes your busy operation hours so much easier.
  • Training time reduction: Because machine knows what do do, All it takes is to have it memorized how rice sheets needs to be produced with user’s preference.
  • Consistency in Amount and Quality: It allows you to produce quality sushi every day, every time!
  • Sanitary: Because this machine and the features, it does not require producing sushi by hands.
  • Maintaining sushi rice temperature: Because of our machines, it is easier to maintain the temperature for ideal sushi making.

How sushi culture became so popular in United States?

In 1960’s, many Japanese sushi entrepreneurs came to the United States for the purpose of achieving their American dreams. Despite the differences in the two identical cultures, the first sushi boom came around in Los Angeles in 1970’s, when one of the challenging sushi chefs created a new style of sushi roll, “California roll”, for the people who were not accustomed with eating sushi, especially raw fish and seaweed. Unlike the traditional sushi, cooked seafood was used instead of raw fish, and seaweed was hidden inside of sushi rolls.

Today, there are more varieties of sushi rolls in the United States than there are in Japan. American people who are accustomed with eating those new style sushi rolls usually take the next step to try the real sushi which contains raw seafood. As a result of the remarkable changes challenged by those sushi entrepreneurs, Japanese sushi culture successfully penetrated into the American culture. Being recognized as a healthy and fancy food, sushi became one of the most popular foods, which people can purchase at the major supermarkets and convenience stores.

The first sushi machine was born in Japan in 1980’s. Although many thought that sushi should have been made by hands like a traditional way, when Kaiten sushi became popular, Kaiten sushi restaurant owners started using the sushi machine as one of the essential equipments for their business.

At that time, AUTEC was producing “Home-Use Nigiri Maker”, but when Kaiten sushi became more and more popular, AUTEC started producing commercial sushi machines. Today, commercial sushi machines are used not only at Kaiten sushi restaurants, but also for department stores, supermarkets, schools and so on. The usage of sushi machine has been increasing every year.

Did you know the troubles that many owner are having?

Cannot find a high quality chef…
Cannot solve problems with workers…
Cannot reduce the labor cost…
Cannot maximize the production rate…
Cannot massproduce within the limited time…

If you have sushi machines, you can resolve some problems.

Are you having issues with your employees?

As we stated above, it is difficult to find a high-quality sushi chefs in these days. Even if a Japanese restaurant owner happens to find a quality sushi chef, it is hard to keep them in one place in the U.S. where headhunting or changing a job is popular. Our sushi machine will not replace the position of high quality sushi chefs, serve raw fish nor set up menu. However, utilizing the advantage of our sushi machine, owner can eliminate some of the time consuming work of the quality workers and have them play a role more as a supervisor. It is not only the machines which eliminate the time consuming work, but also the management tool which helps restaurant owners develop and improve the overall service.

Even as a machine, there are many advantages which eliminate a lot of employment risks. Human will be bored, get tired, and become lazy. They make excuse for their own mistakes. They get sick and injured, if they do not like their job, they can change it anytime. The restaurant owners have to pay tremendous amount of risks if any of above happens, but all of them will not happen to machines.

Are you having a difficulty in reducing the operation time?

Our sushi machine will eliminate all the time consuming works such as making sushi rice, spreading the rice on seaweed, and forming rice balls, so a restaurant can increase the customer turnover rate and spend more time on the other important things such as food quality control and preparations. By systemizing some of the kitchen operation with machines, sushi chefs can maximize their performance and spend more time as an entertainer.

Are you paying too much labor cost?

The places where hundreds of sushi are been made within the limited time, the machine can perform a job of a couple of workers. With the machine, not only it can help saving owners’ time and money for the employment training, but also from the first day, the new employees can perform the same task as the worker who has worked for more than 10 years.

By using our sushi machine, a sushi chef can cut a piece of fish or simply purchasing pre-sliced fish, even students and/or part time workers without any experience can make good quality sushi fast within the limited time. By making all the operation as simple as possible, it will bring the best result to the people who are thinking of having 2nd or 3rd restaurants in the future.

Are you having a hard time stabilizing the quality?

When people make sushi, the size of sushi and quality will be different because of the size of their hands or the skills. When one out of ten sushi is made perfectly, if other nine sushi are bad, okay, or good, overall quality will not be judged as good quality. Customers who expect the same quality all the time do not satisfy if every time the quality of sushi is different.

If we can make good quality sushi constantly, customers will come back and bring more profit to the owner in a long run because they can eat good quality sushi every time. If the product stability is concerned by restaurants’ owners, purchasing sushi machine will be one of the necessities for long run business.

AUTEC will provide you the best plan based on your needs.

Some sushi restaurant owners believe that “sushi should be made by hands!” People might not be comfortable using sushi machine to make sushi. But AUTEC will guide you to the best direction for your restaurant’s success and we will listen to your any thoughts and concerns you might have. Please do not hesitate and contact us anytime.

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