Norimaki Cutter 250


Commercial Maki Cutter ASM250A

Automated Maki Cutter

Improve production efficiency and safety!

  • Clean cut sushi rolls are automatically dispensed onto the base with a push of a button.
  • Built in silicon wipers eliminate the need to clean the blades of rice residue during the cutting process.
  • Automated base unit cuts in 6pcs, 8pcs, and 10pcs.

Weight : 39.7 LBS
Dimension : W14.2"XD11.5”XH17.2"
Capacity/Ability : Max 600 rolls/hr


Emergency Stop Switch
Safely measures are in place with the “Emergency Stop” knob to halt operations.

Zero Direct Blade Contact
Rolls are cut safely behind the blade cover to avoid any direct contact

Easy Cleaning
Simple structure allows for fast and easy cleaning.

Maki Cutter Base Unit
Rolls are secure in its place for precise cutting.

Easy Cleaning
Simple structure allows for fast and easy cleaning.

Cutting Method                          Electrically-powered dive cutting

Dimensions                                 W 14.2” x L 11.5” x H 17.2”
                                                       (W 360mm x 292mm x H436mm)

Weight                                         Approx. 39.7 lbs.

Processing Capacity                  Max. 600 rolls/hour
                                                      » Including Norimaki setting time of 2 seconds per roll.
                                                      » 1,200 rolls/hour when two small-size Norimaki are simultaneously cut.
                                                      » The cutting capacity varies depending on the size of the Norimaki.

Cutting Sizes                              Vertical roll, 6-piece cut-------Approx.1.2”/pc (30mm)
                                                      » The following norimaki cuts can be made by selecting
                                                      the appropriate cutting unit (optional)

                                                     Vertical Roll, 8-piece cut------Approx.0.9”/pc (22.5mm)

                                                     Vertical Roll, 10-piece cut-----Approx.0.8”/pc (20mm)