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Special Features

Emergency Stop Switch
Emergency stop switch protects your safety in case you have to stop the operation.

Maki Cutter Base Unit
Place a maki on the base here.

Start Switch
For the safety purpose, press start switches located on the both sides, left and right.

Cutting Process
Maki Cutter base unit goes down and maki get cut into pieces by blades

Easy Clean Up
Parts structure made cleaning process easy

Movie Instruction

Comparison Charts

Item # : ASM230A

Weight : 24.2LBS

Dimension : W17.5″XD 13.3″XH13.7″

Capacity / Ability : Approx. 400 Rolls per hour

Operation : Manual Cutting

Strength : Silicon Blade Wiper
Safety Lock

Item# : ASM250A

Weight : 39.7LBS

Dimension : W14.1″XD11.4″XH17.2″

Capacity/Ability :600 rolls per hour

Operation : Automatic Cutting

Strength :Safety Lock

?Experienced sushi chef can make approximately 60 rolls/hr and 200rolls/day.

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