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Product Information

ASM410A has two main functions; multi-forming and single-forming. You can switch them easly depend on your needs. This prevents from over making.

Professional Sushi Chefs who make a perfect Nigiri has been said that they require approximately 10 years experience. Nigiri is not just rice ball. The perfect nigiris made with even holding pressure without smashing rice grains. The quality of sushi is effected by Nigiri quality.

Special Features

Heater Function
It keeps rice at ideal temperature

Single or Multiple Mode
Depending on your needs, machine can produce a single or multiple rice balls on the turn table.

Amount Setting
It’s easy to change the density of rice ball by changing the rice amount.

Stop Sensor
Automatically sensor detects and stops turn table when the certain amount of rice balls were produced.

Forming Rollers
There are several sizes of forming rollers that can be selected based on your needs.

Instruction Movie

Compare Charts

Which machine is the best for your Business?

ASM405A, ASM410A or ASM600A

Item # : ASM405A Weight : 34.1LBS Dimension : W11″XD 12.6″XH17.9″ Hopper Capacity : Capacity / Ability : 1800 Rice balls/hr Operation : Semi-Automatic Strength : Built-in heater Changeable Forming Roller Sizes

Item# : ASM410A Weight : 50.71LBS Dimension : W12.2″XD19.6″XH25″ Hopper Capacity : 25-30cups Capacity/Ability : 1200 rice sheets/hr ( Rice Sheet only) Operation : Full-Automatic Strength : Built-in Heater Changeable Forming Roller Sizes

Item# : ASM600A Weight : 81.57LBS Dimension : W13″XD19.6″XH28.2″ Hopper Capacity : 25-30cups Capacity/Ability : 3600 rice balls/hr Operation : Full-Automatic Strength : Built-in Heater Changeable Rice Compression

※Average experienced sushi chef makes 600 rices balls/hr.

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