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ASM 545 A

Product Information

Special Features

Single Mode
Depending on your needs, machine can produce a single on the turn table.

Multiple Mode
Depending on your needs, machine can produce multiple rice balls on the turn table.

Amount Setting
It’s easy to change the density of rice ball by changing the rice amount.

Stop Sensor
Automatic Sensor detects and stops turn table when the certain amount of rice balls were produced.

Forming Rollers
There are several sizes of forming rollers that can be selected based on your needs.

History of Onigiri

picture of onigiris“Grasping rice to make a rice ball” became etymological, and the name “Onigiri” was given. Because Onigiri (Rice ball) is convenient to carry, Onigiri is known as a staple food of lunch box in Japan. In Japan, the sales of Onigiri started in 1885, and the ingredient was only a simple pickled ume (Japanese plum). The variation of the ingredients has been introduced over time, and Onigiri has become staple merchandise at convenience stores. Onigiri is not familiar food in the United States yet, but it is the similar existence as a sandwich of the United States. While sushi and other Japanese food infiltrate into American culture, the chance that American people will enjoy “Onigiri” might arise in the near future.

Present Situation:

Business owners are facing several problems such as the issues with employees, profit making, time management, and quality control. Here is the tip that how we can help with our Onigiri machine to ease the headache that owners are having.

Frequently-asked questions

  • How to make Onigiri(Rice ball)?
  • How to massproduce Onigiri(Rice ball)?
  • How to keep the same quality consistently?

Employment issue

issume with employeeWhile it is difficult to keep the high-quality chefs constantly, the quality of Onigiri such as shape, rice amount, grasping adjustment can be changed depending on who make them. Educating a new employee is also difficult. With our Onigiri machine, we can help business owners save the time to train employees and think about how to keep the product quality the same. Hiring employees can cause a lot of other problems: employees can show up late, get sick, get injured, and quit. These are not only the risks that business owners have to take when hiring an employee, but also they have to consider paying for the benefits, insurance, sick days, and paid vacation to the employees. With our machines, we can help owners minimize those risks.

Time Consuming issue

Since Onigiri Maker can make a constant amount and shape of rice balls, it enables to make a quick turnover. You can save not only the time for controlling quality, but also the time to train new employees. With our Onigiri machine, the new employees can make the same quality as the worker who has worked for more than 10 years from the first day.

Cost Effectiveness

The reason why the machine is more effective than man power is because no matter how busy the restaurant is the labor cost for the restaurant remains the same. With our Onigiri machine, you can save not only the time to train new employees but also maximize the profit within the minimized time limit with a little number of employees. At the places where hundreds of Onigiri are made within the limited time, for example, the machine can replace a couple of workers jobs.

Quality issue

ASM545_SNIf human makes Onigiri, depending on the size of hands and skills, the size and quality of Onigiri will be different. If one out of ten Onigiri is made perfectly, if other nine sushi are bad, okay, or good, overall quality will not be judged as perfect and customers who expect the same quality Onigiri will not last. If making good Onigiri constantly, however, customers who expect the same quality will come back and bring more profit to the owner in a long run. If the product stability is concerned by restaurant owners, purchasing Onigiri machines will be one of the necessities for a long run business.

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