Nigiri Maker 545


Onigiri Maker ASM545A

Commercial Onigiri
Rice Ball machine

Compact yet carries the same abilities as the larger machines and eliminates labor intensive and time-consuming work!

  • Up to 1,950 onigiri rice balls produced per hour. 
  • Easily change sizes of Onigiri and Spam rice balls with optional forming rollers.
  • Easily  switch between “Multiple Forming Mode” or “Single Forming Mode”

Weight : 50.71 LBS
Dimension : W12.2"XD19.6”XH27.6"
Capacity/Ability : Up to 1950 Onigiri rice balls / 5200 Makunouchi rice balls / hr
Hopper Capacity : Approx. 18.1 lbs

Onigiri (also referred to as omusubi or rice ball in English) literally translates to “firmly hold.” The word describes the procedure of making an onigiri which is by grasping rice firmly to make a rice ball. The standard form of onigiri that originated in 1885 Japan, contains a handful of plain short grain rice filled with pickled Japanese plum (ume) wrapped in dried seaweed. Modernized versions of onigiri vary in rice mixture, shapes, sizes, fillings and wrappings. In Japan, onigiri is a lunchbox staple much like the sandwich is to the western world. 


Forms two types of rice balls: Onigiri and Spam


Easily switch between the two by simply changing the forming rollers.


Rice ball size options


Single / Multi forming mode

Dispenses a single or multiple rice balls onto the turntable.

Stop Sensor

Automatically halts operation when the
turntable is full and resumes when the rice ball is removed.

Density setting

Controls the density of a rice ball by specifying the rice volume from 0 - 10.

Forming Rollers

Various sizes of forming rollers available
depending on your needs.

Power Supply                               AC120V, 60 Hz

Power Consumption                  165W

Production Rate                        Onigiri: 1300 - 1950 pcs. per hour
                                                      Makunouchi: 1625 - 5200 pcs. per hour

Production Rate                        Size of Onigiri and Makunouchi rice balls
                                                      can be changed by switching forming rollers.
                                                      » Please see the Guide above.

Hopper Capacity                        Approx. 16.5 lbs. (7.5kg)

Weight                                        Approx. 55.1lbs.

Exterior Dimensions                W 12.2” x D 19.6” x H 27.6”
                                                      (W 310mm x D498mm x H701mm)