Rice Mixer 730


Rice Mixer ASM730A

Commercial Rice Mixer

Compact yet highly functional sushi rice mixer!

  • Programmable up to 4 preferred settings.
  • Removable drum for easy cleaning.
  • Non-stick coat on inner drum without the use of Teflon.
  • Simple design requires fewer parts therefore less replacements.

Weight :  81.6LBS
Dimension : W19.2”XD28.6”XH24" (MAX 46.1”)
Capacity :  Approx. 7.3 ~ 14.5LBS (3.3 ~ 6.6 kg)


No Experience required


Front Cover
Protects rice from bugs, dust and other foreign objects from entering.

Course Setting
Programmable up to four settings.

New stirring rod
Modernized stirring rod perfectly mixes the rice,
vinegar and seasonings thoroughly.

Air Filter
Filtrates air before blowing into the drum.

Gentle mixing
Side to side movement gently mixes the rice, while air blows
through the filter to adjust the temperature of the sushi rice as needed.

Lightweight drum
Easily detachable drum weighing at 7.72lbs.

Instruction Movie

Power Supply                               AC120V, 60 Hz

Power Consumption                  500W

Capacity                                      7.3~14.5 lbs. of cooked rice

Exterior Dimensions                W 19.2” x D 28.6”(Max34.1“) x H 24” (Max46.1”) /720A
                                                     (W 488mm x D727mm(Max867mm) x H610mm(Max1172mm)

Weight                                        Approx. 81.6 lb.