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ASM 730 A

Product Information


Professional Sushi Chefs who make a perfect Nigiri has been said that they require approximately 3 years experience. Shari is the most important factor of sushi. The perfect shari is made with mixing skills without smashing rice grains and with cooling skills to make perfect temperture for shari.

Special Features

Front Cover
Front cover protects rice from getting bugs or dust inside during the mixing process.

Air Filter
It filters air before blowing into the rice inside of drum.

You can save 4 kind of programs based on your needs.

Simple Movement Anew craddle-like mixing way is adopted. Air will blow through the filter to adjust the temperature of sushi rice.

New stirring Rod Anew Stirring Rod will mix rice and vinegar thoroughly. *Non-Teflon Coating

Simple Structre The drum is only 7.72lb. You can detach it easily and clean simplest ever.

Instruction Movie

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ASM720A or ASM780A

Item # : ASM720A Weight : 79LBS Dimension : W17.3″XD 28.3″XH23.2″ Rice Mixing Capacity / Ability : 8lbs to 16lbs Mixing time : App. 3min for 10 cups Movement : Turn 360 Degree to mix the rice. Strength : Fully Detachible Spherical Metal Bowls Tabletop Size

Item# : ASM730A Weight : 81.6LBS Dimension : W19.2″XD28.6″XH24″ Rice Mixing Capacity/Ability : 7.3lbs to 14.5lbs Mixing time : Movement : Strength :

?Average 10year experienced sushi chef takes 18-20min to mix 20 cups of rice.

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