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ASM865A Sushi machine Maki Maker - Autec

ASM 865 A

Product Information

Compact Body and Stylish Design

Better quality rice sheeter for higher productivity!

Productivity improvement reflected by comparison of the same rice length of 100mm shown below.

ASM 865A

Special Features

Auto Function
Automatic Supply Function is applicable for continuous rice sheet production.

Foot Pedal (optional)
It can be used at your convenience to make rice sheets by stepping on the pedal.

Heater Function
It keeps sushi rice at ideal temperature./p>

Auto Supply Function
You don”t have to [Press start button by using this function.
It speeds up the production.

Pick Up Plate
It makes picking rice sheets from the slide body easy.

It’s easy to customize setting based on your need.

Assembly and Disassembly
Assembly and Disassembly are easy.Parts structure is very simple.

Easy cleaning
These are all parts your have to wash.

Updating System
It’s easy to update system by using USB.

Stable Quality
ASM865A can evenly produce rice sheets easlily without touching with your hands.It controls the quality of your sushi rolles and customer satisfaction.

Non-usage of Teflon
By not using Teflon on the slide base, the concern about food contamination is eliminated.

Movie Instruction

Comparison Charts

Item # : ASM860A

Weight : 105.6LBS
Dimension : W15.4″XD 23.3″XH28.7″
Capacity / Ability : Approx. 450 Rolls/hr 700 Rice Sheets/hr
Hopper Capacity : 25-30cups (70-80 rolls) Rice Sheet Size and Amount can easily change
Operation : Full-Automatic
Strength : Builtin Heater Resin Rice Hopper, Changeable Wrapping Unit Size, Comes with Flat Plate for Rice Sheet Only Production

Item# : ASM865A

Weight : 70.51LBS
Dimension : W14.1″XD21.4″XH23.5″
Capacity/Ability : Up to 900 – 1300 sheet/hr
Hopper Capacity : Approx. 18.1 lbs
Operation :
Strength :

※Experienced sushi chef can make approximately 60 rolls/hr and 200rolls/day.

Comparison Charts

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