Nigiri Maker 410

Nigiri Maker 410

Produces rice balls for nigiri sushi and crispy rice sushi.


Patented Forming Rollers
Our patented rollers form nigiri rice balls delicately without crushing the rice grains.

Improved Rice Feeding System
An exclusively designed system allows each rice grain to pass through smoothly and produce nigiri rice balls with perfect air mixture.

Single or Multi-Forming Mode
Choose from single or multiple rice balls dispensing onto the turntable and easily switch between the two depending on your production needs.

Quick Specs:

Dimensions: W 12.2” x D 19.6” x H 23.3”
(310mm x 497mm x 592mm)
Weight: Approx. 50.6 lbs. (23kg)
Hopper Capacity: Approx. 14.5 lbs. (6.6kg)
Production Rate: Up to 2,400 rice balls/hour






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    Multi or single forming function

    Two options to choose from when forming nigiri rice balls; Multi-Forming and Single-Forming.
    Easily switch between the two depending on your needs, preventing over production and waste.

    Cost efficient


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    Heat Retention

    Holds sushi rice at the ideal temperature.

    Stop Sensor

    Automatically halts operation when the turntable
    is full and resumes when the rice ball is removed.

    Forming Rollers

    Several sizes of forming rollers are available.

    Single or Multi Forming Mode

    Choose from single or multiple rice balls dispensing onto the turntable.

    Density Setting

    Control the density of a rice ball by specifying the rice volume from 0 -10.

    Power Supply                               AC120V, 60 Hz

    Power Consumption                  190W

    Production Rate                         Up to 2,400 rice balls/hour

    Rice Ball Sizes                            SS42: W0.9” x L1.7“ x H0.8” (12g)
    SS: W0.9“ x L2.2” x H0.9“ (19g)
    S: W0.9” x L2.2“ x H0.9” (21g)
    M: W1.0“ x L2.2” x H1.0“ (22g)
    L: W1.0” x L2.2” x H1.0” (24g)
    Note: Rice ball sizes can be changed by switching Forming Rollers.

    Hopper Capacity                       Approx. 16lbs.

    Weight                                         Approx. 50.6 lbs.