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Sushi Conveyor Belt System

High performance sushi conveyer belt system

The conveyor belt sushi system (“Kaiten Sushi”) is a new style of sushi restaurant that has been established as a new category in the restaurant business. AUTEC has helped many restaurants in the United States successfully operate these by providing our new style conveyor belt system.

What AUTEC is offering...

Single Lane, Double Lane, and Combination Conveyor System.
Regular and Small width Crescent Chains.
Large, Medium, and Slim size Conveyor Frames.
Mirror or Hairline Stainless Steel Finishing
Support Structure (Optional)
By-passing Bridge conveyor
RFID Sushi Freshness System
Sushi Machines for small or mass production

Advantages of Conveyor System

New Catagory in the restaurant business Minimum Training Time for new employee
Faster turn-over rate during busy hour Fun with All kinds of food on the conveyor belt

Easy speed adjustment

SM and SL Chains

Easy Disassembly for Cleaning

Profile Designs

SL Medium Profile

Width Height
Single Lane 170 mm 74 mm
Double Lane 376 mm 74 mm

SL Large Profile

Width Height
Single Lane 230 mm 100 mm
Double Lane 500 mm 100 mm

SL Midium Profile

Width Height
Single Lane 173 mm 74 mm
Double Lane 420 mm 74 mm


Bypass Conveyor System (Option) Available to install
on the straight section of the Double Lane. All plates U-turns on selected area during the slow time.


Freshness System (Option) Monitoring time on each plate on the conveyor with RFID tags. Reject mechanism automatically rejects the expired plates off from the moving belt.

1. Finding potential restaurant place
2. Owner sends building plan
3. AUTEC INC. plans sushi conveyor layout, sitting capacity, kitchen layout and offer an estimate 1 Week
4. Owner choose restaurant designer
5. Owner, Designer and AUTEC INC. discuss and modify the purposed plan;sushi conveyor layout, sitting capacity, kitchen layout
6. Owner and AUTEC INC. agree on the conveyor layout and specification
7. AUTEC IINC. offers quotation based on the final layout and conveyor specification
8. Owner accepts the offered price and arranges payment (100% Advanced Payment)
9. Manufacturing conveyor 6-8 weeks
10. Owner and Designer discuss and agree on interior design and price
11. Set the dates for installing conveyor and opening restaurant
12. Shipping From Manufacture 7-10 days
13. Installation and Training 2 Days
14. Owner hires chefs and hall staffs and work on menu.
15. Grand Opening 1st Year Warranty
Tradition Meets Technology